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Life Happens For Us
Not To Us

My story is probably similar to yours. It’s the long and winding road that leads us to the most interesting and exciting places. I often look back and think, how did I get here?

My Story

I’ve always been into creating. I started playing music at a young age and loved the way it felt to play an instrument and make people move.

During my college years, I used my love of creating to pursue a degree in communication. Like music, video was an exciting way to capture moments, tell stories, and move people.

I spent most of my early to mid-twenties, creating music and traveling the Southeast United States playing any venue that would have me.  I used the skills I learned in college to create videos and market myself on Myspace, YouTube, and various other digital platforms of the day. (High five if you still remember your Myspace username!)

It was Myspace where I got my first taste of HTML. The ability to customize and create personalized experiences online was fascinating. Little did I know, this new skill would become so crucial to my future.

To pad my income, I began creating websites for local companies and using the skills I gained from marketing my music to help local businesses grow. It worked like a charm! The more I got involved in the digital marketing world, the more I was drawn to it. One area that really fascinated me was SEO.

Being able to help a company go from no visibility to the first page in Google was a rush, and still is. I quickly began pouring my attention and energy into mastering the art of SEO.

Then my journey brought me to a crossroads.

While my side business was growing, my full-time job was headed in the other direction. Sometimes life forces your hand. You have to take a deep breath, say a prayer, and jump.

With my second child on the way, I knew I needed to make a change to take control of my future. So, I left my job and decided to transition my side business into a full-service agency.

Now that I was on my own, I had to grow this thing. So, I turned to my knowledge and went to work. With a background in SEO, I knew what I needed to do to get my name out. But, I also knew in the ever-changing digital landscape, I needed more than just visibility. I needed a way to connect with potential customers in a more personal way.

That’s when I discovered Inbound Marketing.

Imagine attracting customers to you by providing the information they need, when they need it, where they are looking for it. It’s the opposite of traditional marketing and it felt right to market my business like a human being. Since I was already proficient in SEO, social media, and content marketing, the inbound method was just what I needed to focus my skills and generate outstanding ROI.

In less than two years, I was able to grow the business by 10x and haven’t looked back. Today, I run a full-service creative agency that serves clients all over the world. My team and I have built a proven method that generates organic growth online.

Along the way, I’ve learned that my passion is in teaching.

Showing you how to leverage the power of digital marketing to grow your brand and share your story is my current destination. If you want to learn how to take your company to the next level, I’d love to take you on this journey with me.

If you have a question or want to share something cool, shoot me an email!