Let’s Just Stop Already

I get it. You’re smarter than me.

And because of that, I guess I am supposed to just roll over and submit to you.

You have the facts. You have the stats. You are correct…

Or are you?

What if you’re wrong? What if all the arguing is just not worth it?

What if instead of yelling, you took some time to listen?

Maybe, just maybe I have something say.

I think it’s time to just stop.

Stop yelling.

Stop calling each other names.

Stop being ignorant.

Stop choosing sides.

No one is winning this game. NO ONE.

I get it.

We like the feeling self-righteousness brings, but it doesn’t last.

The only way we move forward is with listening and empathy.

That opens the door to a true breakthrough. To real change.

Let’s stop the self-destructive things and get back to the real work. The hard work. The meaningful work.

The work that creates the change we’re all seeking.